Aper. September 25th, 2016.

At last, we got down to business. In Italian we say “la terra รจ bassa” (the ground is low) as it breaks your back to work it. Yet, even if every hoe swing I struck two rocks, even if the clay ground was packed tight, even if I’m aching everywhere, even if our future is still dark and uncertain… I feel satisfied as I rarely was in my life.


Stryx. September 18th, 2016.

First things first: germination.

When it comes to plants, seeds and soil, I tend to be a more practical and unthinking type. I want to get stuff done, dig my hands into the dirt and then watch nature do its magic. I don’t like to spend too many words or time scheming, I like to get right into it: there will be time for words after…while waiting for my seedlings to sprout.

Aaaand here they are: peas and cabbages on the grow. ๐Ÿ™‚


Aper. September 11th, 2016.

Today we attended a course on sinergistic agriculture. We felt it was necessary to see “the thing” done with the assistance of someone more expert before getting down to business on our own. The information given by our friends from Terre Colte (an association whose purpose is to lend traits of land to create vegetable patches) was mostly reassuring (like in “ok, he’s telling me the same things I read everywhere, they probably work”) but they also had a very important component of getting the “feel”, seeing how much straw, for instance, or what does the bed look like.

After a hot morning working the bare earth (some more than others, and I also risked a heat stroke), the bed was ready, but with no plants.


We then got to lunch (abundant, probably even too much, but very good) with the intent of completing the activity in the afternoon. Nature, however, didn’t seem to be satisfied with our irrigation and decided to give us a hand. A heavy, abundant hand.


At last, the weather was clement and we got back to our bed. It was so deeply drenched that in order to place the plants someone had to go barefoot (not a big issue for Strix, who loves the feeling of mud under her toes… I had my trusted military boots).


Overall a great day, loads of fun. The place is nice, and five minutes from home, so we’ll probably get in touch again with the owners (this feels so River Cottagey!!!). I also got myself a small trophy… a hog skull. How could Aper resist that?

Aper. September 8th, 2016.

Sometimes opportunities seem just behind the corner, sometimes you feel stuck in a mire, with no options. This first week of September is like thick mud, with no work chances, delays and uncertainties. The area for the first two beds was chosen, the irrigation system was designed but no other step forward, no new chance, no income-generating news. 

Earth is the only hope. Rain the only promise of a new life.