Aper. September 8th, 2016.

Sometimes opportunities seem just behind the corner, sometimes you feel stuck in a mire, with no options. This first week of September is like thick mud, with no work chances, delays and uncertainties. The area for the first two beds was chosen, the irrigation system was designed but no other step forward, no new chance, no income-generating news. 

Earth is the only hope. Rain the only promise of a new life. 


Aper. August 29th, 2016.

The book on irrigation has been completed, although it’s still unclear how to consider a Crop coefficient for a sinergistic approach (it’s sad, but all traditional book and publications seem to consider only the monoculture).
In any case, I am almost ready to plan my first irrigation system, where ‘almost’ lies in having to find a couple of hours to do it.
Ah, and by the way, we still need to decide on the crops 🙂